Isaac Hale’s Website


Welcome to my websiste! I received my PhD from the University of California, Davis in June 2020. Currently, I am a Lecturer of Political Science at UC Davis.

My research agenda focuses broadly on electoral systems, legislative representation, and the intersection of race & American politics. My dissertation project, chaired by Professors Matthew S. Shugart and James F. Adams, focuses on what how electoral systems shape electoral outcomes and candidate behavior. In addition to my dissertation, I am also involved in projects analyzing how racial attitudes affect voter behavior and legislative representation, particularly in recent U.S. elections. To learn more about my dissertation and current projects, please visit the Research and CV tabs of this website.

In addition to my research, I have also served as an Associate Instructor in the department. In this capacity, it is my task to develop and implement curricula suitable for a diverse group of undergraduate students. To access the syllabi for each class I that have instructed, please visit the Teaching tab.

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