In my years as a graduate and undergraduate student, I benefited from teachers whose pedagogical ingenuity and intellectual curiosity pushed me to excel. As a lecturer, associate instructor, and teaching assistant, I have sought to similarly inspire undergraduate students to realize their full academic potential. At UC Davis, I had the privilege to teach 14 undergraduate courses in Comparative and American politics as the instructor of record, and to serve as a teaching assistant for 12 additional classes. In 2019, I was honored to receive the Marvin Zetterbaum Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Instruction from the UC Davis Department of Political Science.

Below you will find links containing syllabi, course evaluations, sample classroom presentations, and sample code for courses I have instructed.


  1. Electoral Systems (Spring 2021)
  2. Introduction to Comparative Politics (Spring 2021)
  3. The Legislative Process (Winter 2021)
  4. The Presidency (Winter 2021)
  5. The 2020 Election: America Decides (Fall 2020)
  6. Introduction to Comparative Politics (Fall 2020)
  7. The Legislative Process (Summer 2020)
  8. The Presidency (Summer 2020)

Associate Instructor of Record

  1. The Presidency (Spring 2020)
  2. The Legislative Process (Winter 2019)
  3. Introduction to Comparative Politics (Summer 2018)
  4. Introduction to American Politics (Winter 2018)
  5. Introduction to American Politics (Fall 2017)
  6. Introduction to Comparative Politics (Summer 2017)

Discussion Section Teaching Assistant

  1. Eastern European Democratization (Winter 2020)
  2. The Scientific Study of Politics (Fall 2018)
  3. Introduction to American Politics (Spring 2018)
  4. Problems in American Politics (Fall 2016)
  5. The American Presidency (Summer 2016)
  6. The Scientific Study of Politics (Winter 2016)

Teaching Assistant

  1. California State Government and Politics (Fall 2019)
  2. French Politics (Spring 2019)
  3. Russian Politics (Spring 2017)
  4. Electoral Systems (Winter 2017)
  5. Judicial Politics (Spring 2016)
  6. British Politics (Fall 2015)

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