Isaac Hale’s Public Scholarship

Public Scholarship

Public scholarship improves academic research, generates public interest in our work, and communicates the substantive importance of our research to policymakers and voters. In my current position at Occidental College I have contributed to initiatives to enact electoral reform in the US and Canada. In my previous position at the UCSB Blum Center, I was part of an interdisciplinary team of academics, researchers, and community organizations from across California who have recently released Towards a Just and Equitable Central Coast which is a report on racial, gender, immigration, and economic inequality in the state’s Central Coast region. In this capacity I also led and participated in several online policy workshops on the California housing crisis.

I have had the privilege to share my research and expertise with a variety of public-facing media outlets. My research has been featured in The New York Times, The Sacramento Bee, The Texas Tribune, SF Gate, Roll Call, Salon, La Tercera, Pacific Standard, Democratic Audit, RAISE the Vote, LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre, and The California Aggie. I have been interviewed on TV stations such as ABC 10, FOX 40, KCRA 3, and CBS 13 television news to discuss state and national politics as a political scientists. These interviews (and more) can be found on my YouTube channel. In addition, I have appeared on radio stations like 93.1 KFBK and KQED as well as podcasts like Communication Matters to discuss my research and current events.

Policy Reports

  1. Towards a Just and Equitable Central Coast - a report by the UCSB Blum Center, the USC Equity Research Institute, and The Fund for Santa Barbara (2021)

Invited Blog Posts & Op-eds

  1. For many 2020 presidential election voters, economic concerns about COVID-19 restrictions trumped public health - LSE USAPP blog post (2022)

  2. Chile could be a mirror to future political reforms in the world - LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre blog post (2021)
  3. Will Trump & Congressional Republicans Benefit from White Racial Attitudes in 2020? - RAISE the Vote APSA blog post (2020)

  4. Strategic voting in the 2015 general election: why Liberal Democrats didn’t vote for their own party - Democratic Audit blog post (2019)

  5. Torture and the Rule of Law - The Huffington Post op-ed (2011)

Policy Workshops

  1. ACT On Homelessness All-Call Meeting - Santa Barbara Alliance for Community Transformation (2022)

  2. The UCSB Housing Crisis - UC Santa Barbara Blum Center (2022)

  3. The Housing Crisis in California & the Central Coast - UC Santa Barbara Blum Center (2022)

Media Coverage of My Research

  1. Do Attitudes About Race Affect Vote Choice? - UC Davis Magazine (2020)

  2. Biden Is Not Out of the Woods - The New York Times (2020)

  3. Au sein du parti rèpublicain, des anti-Trump bien silencieux - La Croix (2019)

  4. Duncan Hunter said person making ‘OK’ sign in photo was a ‘stranger.’ The man calls Hunter a friend - Roll Call (2019)

  5. Trump’s strategy of racial resentment won’t work in California, researcher says - The Sacramento Bee (2019)

  6. White racial resentment is a winning Republican strategy, this political scientist says - The Sacramento Bee (2019)

  7. Trump’s racist tweets are part of a coordinated 2020 strategy - Salon (2019)

  8. Ataques racistas de Trump a congresistas definen tono de su campaña presidencial - La Tercera (2019)

  9. Trump Sets the 2020 Tone: Like 2016, Only This Time ‘the Squad’ Is Here - The New York Times (2019)

  10. Trump’s Racist Remarks Helped Boost Down-Ballot Republicans in 2016 - Pacific Standard (2019)

  11. The Deepening ‘Racialization’ of American Politics - The New York Times (2019)

Television Interviews

You may find video of my television interviews on my YouTube channel. A YouTube playlist with my television interviews is also embedded below. In addition, each appearance is listed below, with a link to the news outlet’s writeup of the segment (if available).

  1. Biden Special Counsel Report - Spectrum News, Los Angeles (2024)

  2. Iowa Caucuses + Trump Blocked From Primary Ballots - LiveNOW, Orlando (2024)

  3. Jim Jordan Ousted by House GOP as Speaker Nominee - LiveNOW, Orlando (2023)

  4. Kevin McCarthy ousted as House Speaker - KCRA 3, Sacramento (2023)

  5. Laphonza Butler’s Senate appointment - KCRA 3, Sacramento (2023)

  6. Dianne Feinstein’s legacy - LiveNOW, Orlando (2023)

  7. October 2023 Government Shutdown Showdown - LiveNOW, Orlando (2023)

  8. Potential Replacements for Dianne Feinstein - KCRA 3, Sacramento (2023)

  9. Dianne Feinstein’s legacy - Spectrum News, Los Angeles (2023)

  10. August 2023 Republican Debate - LiveNOW, Orlando (2023)

  11. Trump, calls for impeachment of Biden, the USNWT, and Ohio Ballot Issue 1 - Spectrum News, Los Angeles (2023)

  12. Trump indictment developments - Spectrum News, Los Angeles (2023)

  13. May 2023 political news - LiveNOW, Orlando (2023)

  14. Biden’s Campaign Launch - Spectrum News, Los Angeles (2023)

  15. Dianne Feinstein’s Senate absence - LiveNOW, Orlando (2023)

  16. Dianne Feinstein’s Senate absence - Spectrum News, Los Angeles (2023)

  17. the Trump indictment - LiveNOW, Orlando (2023)

  18. Fact-checking Proposition 27: Experts weigh in on California’s in-person sports betting measure - KCRA 3, Sacramento (2022)

  19. Fact-checking Proposition 26: Experts weigh in on California’s in-person sports betting measure - KCRA 3, Sacramento (2022)

  20. ‘Complete and Total Endorsement’ | California congressional race intensifies as Trump backs Kiley - ABC 10, Sacramento (2022)

  21. How was the recall election called by news organizations, with millions of ballots left to count? - KCRA 3, Sacramento (2021)

  22. Political analyst discusses recall election as Sept. 14 approaches. - FOX 40, Sacramento (2021)

  23. California’s official recall list is posted. Here’s what to expect. - ABC 10, Sacramento (2021)

  24. Political science lecturer discusses impact of recall election ballot case - FOX 40, Sacramento (2021)

  25. Is It Worth It? Taxpayers, Officials Weigh In On Cost Of Recall Election - CBS 13, Sacramento (2021)

  26. Gov. Newsom won’t lift COVID-19 state of emergency order, here’s what that means - ABC 10, Sacramento (2021)

  27. Here’s who’s leaving California and who’s moving in - KCRA 3, Sacramento (2021)

  28. This is how much it may cost to recall Governor Newsom - ABC 10, Sacramento (2021)

  29. California losing congressional seat for first time - FOX 40, Sacramento (2021)

  30. UC Davis lecturer discusses Newsom recall efforts - FOX 40, Sacramento (2021)

  31. What’s next in Newsom recall effort - FOX 40, Sacramento (2021)

  32. What’s next for Newsom recall efforts as signatures increase - KCRA 3, Sacramento (2021)

  33. Interview: UC Davis lecturer discusses effort to recall Gov. Newsom - FOX 40, Sacramento (2021)

  34. Polls show Gov. Gavin Newsom’s approval rating is slipping - KCRA 3, Sacramento (2021)

  35. Will Newsom face recall election? It’s a ‘coin flip’ - CBS 8, San Diego (2021)

  36. Election Debate: Is The Electoral College The Best Way To Pick A President? - CBS 13 News, Sacramento (2020)

  37. As election season heats up, campaign-related theft, vandalism seen across Northern California - ABC 10 News, Sacramento (2020)

  38. What the President’s health could mean for the campaign, election, and misinformation - ABC 10 News, Sacramento (2020)

  39. Why is the California primary so important this year? - ABC 10 News, Sacramento (2020)

Newspaper, Magazine, and Online News Interviews

  1. House Democratic super PAC putting $35 million into California - Roll Call (2023)

  2. If Props 26 & 27 fail, what’s the future of sports betting in California? - The Center Square (2022)

  3. Betting On Red: Casino Execs, Workers Give $15 Million To GOP Candidates - Play USA (2022)

  4. Confused about California Props. 26 and 27? Here’s what each would do - The Press-Enterprise (2022)

  5. Guess whose face is all over Gavin Newsom’s anti-recall mailer - SFGATE (2021)

  6. Newsom Recall Team Attempting to Nationalize Campaign and Blame Trump - California Globe (2021)

  7. Gavin Newsom’s anti-recall ads are everywhere, but don’t seem to be helping - SFGATE (2021)

  8. The biggest aspect of the Gavin Newsom recall no one’s talking about - SFGATE (2021)

  9. How heavily did recall politics weigh on Gavin Newsom’s mask decision? - SFGATE (2021)

  10. The Gavin Newsom recall could cost $400 million. Who’s paying for that? - SFGATE (2021)

  11. UC Davis professors discuss the future of Republican politics - The California Aggie (2021)

  12. ‘We have to do better’: California Democrats say COVID pandemic highlighted their failures - The Sacramento Bee (2021)

  13. Voting center locations announced in Yolo County, following safety guidelines - The California Aggie (2020)

  14. Is Betomania Real or Phony? - The New York Times (2019)

Radio & Podcast Interviews

  1. CA Propositions 26 & 27, the most expensive in US history, could change the future of sports gambling - KALW, Bay Area (2022)

  2. Could CA become one of the biggest sports betting markets in the world? - KCRW, Santa Monica (2022)

  3. Expert clarifies difference between CA Propositions 26 and 27 - KCBS Radio, San Francisco (2022)

  4. Statewide Election Special: The 2021 California Gubernatorial Recall - Forum (KQED-FM), San Francisco (2021)

  5. California Recall Report, August 31st 2021 - 93.1 KFBK, Sacramento (2021)

  6. Recall ballots will be mailed to voters starting mid-August - KCBS AM, San Francisco (2021)

  7. California Recall Report, May 25th 2021 - 93.1 KFBK, Sacramento (2021)

  8. Communicating about the Role of Race and Social Change in Politics - Communication Matters, the National Communication Association podcast (2020)

  9. First 2020 Presidential Debate: Locals React - The News Cycle, a Davis High School podcast (2020)

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